Sapphire Eyes, for Pixie (Tent Dream II)

from by The Waterboatman



The lyrics to this song were written after waking up from a bad fever dream in a hot tent. It's a love song for a pig. The vocals were recorded at about 4AM after a bottle of whiskey in my mums garage.


I had a dream that I worked in a slaughterhouse
I had snake teeth and sapphires for eyes
There were fish-hooks in my ribs
and i was being pulled into the machines
But there was no part left for me to kill
I know, cus i tried
I tried

I felt a new mornings warmth in the company of the pigs
I pulled figs and apricots from the trees, and we shared
They were gentle, and loving, and peaceful, and free
And it felt, it felt almost holy

I want something better (x lots)

Something more, i've felt this before:
Will i die young and have i lived at all?
and will i know the difference?
Maybe i'm not meant to
Or maybe it's both

The sun blurs me out of time
my skin was never quite enough of an outline
I think of shaving my head almost every day now
Every day now
Every day now

"So i resigned to the sweetness of the apricot trees
I don't feel you there, in those memories
Cold drinks on the hot ground
Echoes blanketed from birds all around
They sang hymns:
Cluttered with a higher meaning
Hymns flattered with a grand plan
I found truth in their wings beating
But that was just my ceiling fan, so I went back to sleep"

I want to be better. I want to be more


from Most Life, track released March 25, 2016
All music and lyrics by B. Laing



all rights reserved


The Waterboatman Bristol, UK

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